Technical Accelerator for Startups

We transform your ideas into products by involving ourselves
operationally and financially in your project

How it works

Our mission

We transform ideas into successes


You have the idea and its solution in mind, we'll tackle it together to define how to approach it.


We "co-create" the project together on a cash + equity basis. That way, we build a long and trustworthy relationship.


Following a Lean methodology, we iterate quickly on your product to validate its usages and market.


An approved technological architecture, allowing us to build strong foundations to prepare for the success of the product.


We identify together the key performance indicators of your business to make the best decisions.


We propose several solutions to grow your technical team based on your growth.

Our value proposition

Bring your product and tech development in-house

Not every startup that's launching has the chance to have in their co-founding team, a "tech" partner. At Ekoha, all your tech is part of your startup, we become associates, we share the same goals and the same vision. The success of the project is at the heart of every decision.

We bring our technical expertise in conceiving & developing Web/Mobile solutions and you, your industry expertise. Ekoha dedicates itself operationally and financially in your project to maximize its chances of success.

They trust us

French Founders
Lonext & WattDb